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From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short

From Director of Workforce Development Jamie Chambers

If you don’t know about DCA’s Young Executive Committee (YEC), you and your up-and-coming leadership team are literally missing out.  For over 30 years this committee has met each month in DCA’s board room to coordinate charity efforts, clean up highways, visit job sites and most importantly build relationships.  In fact, multiple DCA Presidents have grown from the YEC to the association’s highest position on our Board.  To continue pouring into construction’s future leadership, the committee decided to implement some professional development sessions throughout this year.  The first was held last month, the subject: Positivity Training.

I will be honest; I thought this positivity training was going to be a snoozer.  However, YEC Co-Chair Matt Benedict, Greggo & Ferrara, Inc., took the course in its entirety and said it was absolutely something that everyone would benefit from.  His passionate response instantly caused intrigue in my mind.  “Focusing on the positive makes the team want to take risks”, something we learned in the training, and when you apply it to those previous two sentences – voila, may I introduce the first hard example of the power of positivity!

In 45 minutes, Mario Gangemi a Power of Positive Leadership and Power of Positive Team Certified Trainer, gave us a taste of what the full course offers in its entireness.  We not me, removing can’t and but by substituting and, happy people = more productivity, and the true cost of negativity are a few subjects that transformed my own leadership mindset during the meeting.  Immediately following the close of the session, members dove into miscellaneous planning items for DCA’s 50th Anniversary Crab Feast.  Some of the practices we learned moments before were being used by attendees during that interaction, which we joked about but in all seriousness the impact could not be denied.  

Imagine the world as a pot of boiling water.  Are you a carrot, egg, or coffee bean?  If you are not sure, check in with one of your YEC members to discover how to work together for the betterment of your company. 

P.S. Interested in training with Mario?  Contact him via email or cell 410.920.0480

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