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From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short

From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short - January 20, 2023

Public Service Announcement: I was recently contacted by Kevin Fasic an attorney with DCA member Offit Kurman regarding Contractor Registration Certification renewal. He had a client who missed the window for renewal due to the requirement that renewal applications be submitted at least 30 days prior to the expiration date on the current certificate. This gets a little tricky due to the fact that the window to submit a renewal is not available until 90 days prior to a registration’s expiration. So, you really only have a sixty day window to renew.

If a contractor fails to renew within the allowable window, they must begin the Contractor Registration process again and delay their ability to take advantage of a two-year renewal. Although many of our members have probably already renewed their registration based upon the law, I wanted to bring the issue to your attention given the Contractor Registration renewal is new. The Delaware One Stop Portal is still your go to for information regarding Delaware Contractor Registration Certification issues. The landing page provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) as well as a link for those specifically seeking to renew their certification. Clicking on the first FAQ, “How do I renew my Contractor Certificate?”, will provide step-by-step instructions.

Also contained in this section of the FAQ is a statement that an advantage of using the One Stop is that multiple reminders will be sent prior to the required renewal. I’m sharing this PSA because I know employees change and emails get messed up. This is just one more effort to ensure our members do not miss the window and have to start the process all over again.

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