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From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short

From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short - January 27, 2023

The Government Relations work I do often dominates my Punchlist write-ups. This first month of session has been very busy but I’d like to take this week to highlight some of the great upcoming opportunities Marla and Jamie have lined up for our members. If you would like to see the legislation I am following for our members, please see the link to the left of my report for the status of legislative initiatives.

Last night was DCA’s 3rd Annual Virtual Wine Event! This delicious and fun filled event was the result of Marla and Jamie getting creative when it came to keeping our members connected during Covid. It’s an opportunity to enjoy learning about wine while having some great laughs with DCA members and in many cases their families. Following the wine tasting, Marla and Jamie lead the participants through unique games. The first year it was a DCA version of “Family Feud”, last year it was a competitive home scavenger hunt and last night was movie trivia.

In prior years, the virtual wine event has been around Valentine’s Day. Marla switched things up this year due to strong requests for another DCA Deer Park Tavern night which will be held on February 23. Also in February, Jamie has organized a very important meeting between the company payroll and human resource staff of DCA’s members and the new Director of the Delaware Office of Paid Family Medical Leave program. February will also have two First Aid/CPR training courses for our members.

Looking just a couple months ahead, we have our Spring Sporting Clay Outing at M & M Hunting Preserve on April 5, Governor’s Safety Awards & Member Expo on April 27 at the Waterfall Conference Center, and our Spring Golf Outing at member favorite, Bulle Rock, on May 25. If you have not had the chance to explore our new website, it is much more user friendly. Online registration with the ability to pay via credit card for all our events can be found here.

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