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From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short

From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short - July 29, 2022

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the field…..yes, DCA’s Young Executive Committee (YEC) members did have a great time at their annual Phillies Day networking event but they do so much more for DCA and Delaware’s construction industry. As our YEC approaches its 30th year, it is going strong and recently was highlighted to AGC chapters across the country as Jamie Chambers, Workforce Development Director, was one of two speakers for AGC’s “Best Practices for Kickstarting, Reinvigorating and Taking your CLC (YEC) Program to the Next Level”.

The YEC is an opportunity to build relationships with tomorrow’s decision makers, leaders and owners. The opportunity to build real relationships goes beyond industry players to Delaware’s public policy makers as the YEC holds its annual Young Legislators Meeting in the early spring each year. The YEC is in the field organizing and conducting site and shop tours. They develop educational seminars that benefit our diverse members. They are an integral part of keeping Delaware’s construction industry strong.

Hopefully, you know how much of DCA’s Annual Crab Feast responsibilities are carried out by our YEC members. Without them this event would not be possible. Earlier this week, YEC members spent time and energy setting up fencing and other logistical aspects in preparation for DCA’s 49th Annual Crab Feast next Thursday. Their design and Crab Feast tee shirt sales provide funding for DCA’s technology needs.

These young leaders really are our industry’s best asset. I don’t know the exact number but many of our presidents have come up through the ranks as YEC members. Israel Mercado, Santora CPA Group, served as co-chair of the YEC. He was a strong and engaged leader while in that position. Having aged out of YEC, Israel has just joined the DCA board where his contributions will be welcomed. Israel and Adam DiSabatino’s, EDIS, departure after years of YEC membership has provided the opportunity for two great new leaders to step up as co-chairs of the YEC, Matt Benedict, Greggo and Ferrara, and Brandon Baker, Tri-Supply & Equipment.

DCA and the construction industry has benefited from the countless contributions made by YEC members. Whether its worker shortages or YEC members having more personal commitments in the evenings, I know a lot has changed since YEC was established in 1993 but the YEC members and the companies who support their involvement are essential to construction’s future. Thank you to our members who encourage their young leader’s participation. We can always use more so if you have someone who is ready for YEC, please just let us know.

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