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From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short

From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short - September 1, 2023

When I served in the Delaware legislature, I put my energy into public policy initiatives that would create job opportunities that allow people to enjoy a good quality of life. Job opportunities that would allow them to raise their families with the resources we all want for our families. One of the reasons I accepted my position at DCA was that I saw it as a way for me to continue working on public policy as well as education and training initiatives that can change people’s lives for the better. Project owners have a role, construction companies have a role and the workforce that really makes it all happen has a role.

DCA consciously directs resources to build the workforce our construction economy needs. Through our Education and Training Committee we ensure your workforce is the safest and best trained. We work to expand the pool and diversity of those in the construction workforce. We continue to build partnerships with other stakeholders in Delaware to align efforts and efficiently utilize resources to support the expansion of your most important business asset, your workers.

The Delaware Department of Labor’s Monthly Labor Review notes over 24,000 construction workers in Delaware’s workforce, up almost 1% from last year. Without the thousands of skilled workers and other staff, Delaware's construction economy would not exist. DCA works daily to encourage potential construction employees to join the ranks of those already working to raise our courthouses and schools, build our roads and bridges.

While we continue our work to build the skilled workforce of tomorrow, Labor Day is an opportunity to celebrate all those who are helping to build Delaware today! DCA wishes everyone a safe and happy Labor Day Celebration. Thanks for building a strong Delaware.

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