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From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short

From the Desk of Executive Director Bryon Short - September 22, 2023

What a fun afternoon and amazing group of members, friends, and guests! With strong leadership from CACC Chair, Brian DiSabatino, EDIS, we filled the Wilmington Country Club with record attendance and support for our Civic Affairs Construction Council PAC. This critical fund is what allows the Delaware Contractors Association to be the Voice of Construction in Delaware. The funds raised through the generous contributions of our member’s sponsorships, advertising, and attendance provide the resources for DCA to support the campaigns of elected officials who understand the critical role construction plays in Delaware’s economy. It is the means we use to communicate the importance of our mission to public policy makers.

This year’s luncheon was particularly special as we celebrated a personal friend, friend to DCA and the industry - former Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf. In addition to DCA members, several current and retired officials attended the luncheon to hear from Representative Schwartzkopf. I’ve written a lot about how DCA worked to keep construction open during Covid. Representative Schwartzkopf was one of our allies during that period, always encouraging the administration to look for ways to help businesses keep their doors open. He continued to show his understanding of the challenges Delaware businesses face by supporting DCA efforts to amend Delaware’s recreational cannabis legislation and Paid Family Medical and Leave Act as those pieces of legislation moved through the General Assembly.

Representative Schwartzkopf provided the attendees with an overview of changes in the makeup of Delaware’s General Assembly over just the past three election cycles. We are far more diverse by every measure than at any time in our General Assembly’s history. The legislators elected over these few cycles bring with them unique backgrounds but not ones that provide an understanding of the construction industry. He stressed the impact DCA’s voice has in Legislative Hall but stressed the importance of continuing to build relationships with the many new members to move forward our mission forward.

2024 will be a huge election year. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say we are seeing a generational shift in Delaware politics. With so many political races in 2024, the DCA Government Relations Committee will be working diligently to keep our members informed of the candidates that support the construction industry. Thank you to our members who stepped up to support this year’s fall CACC luncheon. Your contributions are critical to achieving DCA’s mission and building a great Delaware!

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